Mustafa Adam Alshamaa

I have five years of experience from web development. I've been working with many of the major frameworks and technologies. Delivering high performance and user-friendly websites is important to me. I enjoy working with talented people in autonomous, agile teams. I try to be humble and show respect and trust to the members of my team as well as the co-workers around me. To learn and also to transfer my knowledge upon others is very important to me.

Selected Projects

Bricco & Oktavilla
Drupal 8
What I did
Drupal development and Design implementation. PHP and MYSQL.

This site was built for the Ingmar Bergman foundation. Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish director, writer, and producer who worked in film, television, theatre and radio. He is recognized as one of the most accomplished and influential auteurs of all time.

Bricco & Wonderboys
What I did
Wordpress development.

Hem & Hyra is the magazine and website for you who is renting your property, or are interested in accommodation from a consumer perspective.

Bricco & Wonderboys
Drupal 7
What I did
Drupal development. PHP, JS and LESS.

Byggindustrin is the leading trade magazine for the construction sector.

What I did
Wordrpess theme implementation, custom CSS & JS

This site was built to my friend's mom buisiness. Hatice helps with complaints related to both physical as mental health and wellbeing through different treatment methods.

Work History

2017 - current
Wunderkraut Sweden - wunderkraut.se
Front End Developer
(JS, PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Wordpress)


2014 - 2017
Bricco - bricco.se
Fullstack Developer
(JS, PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Wordpress)

During my time at Bricco I have been participated in a dozen projects where the primary focus has been on the development of websites in Drupal. I've gained alot of experience in working towards and meeting deadlines while keeping a close customer support. Customers and projects I've worked with had different needs and challenges, to solve these I mainly coded in PHP and JavaScript. I've also worked with techniques like SASS / LESS, jQuery and used version controlling with Git.

River Cresco - river.se
Front-end Developer Intern

I had the great oppurtunity to be at River Cresco during my internship. Here I met alot of awesome people with many years of experience in the business. I worked among other things with an interesting and educational project where I was given the responsibility to develop a simple web application that downloaded data through Spotify's API.

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